Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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AstroScience Center

AstroScience Center & Research Telescope

Formerly the Adirondack Public Observatory, the Adirondack Sky Center is revealing the treasure of the dark Adirondack skies. Over the last several years, the Sky Center has evolved into a regionally recognized center for the observation and study of the cosmos, and has been growing its mission to provide quality educational experiences for people of all ages through the science, technology, and history of astronomy.

Astronomy is the launching pad to discovery for both young and old. Utilizing exciting advances in technology, astronomy is able to connect us to the universe and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals and hobbyists alike. Outside, under the dark skies of the Adirondacks, lessons will come alive as visitors are guided to see—with their own eyes unaided, with binoculars and telescopes, and through visual simulations in the planetarium—across the vast distances of space to objects that challenge our understanding and even our imagination. The combination of low humidity, high altitude, and lack of light pollution provide ideal conditions for night sky viewing.

A dynamic, living science, astronomy is changing and expanding our understanding of the universe every day. To accommodate the speed of scientific discoveries and remain relevant and nimble for years to come, the new AstroScience Center is designed to be changeable, sustainable, and accessible to a wide range of visitors.

In addition to permanent exhibits, the main hall will also feature traveling exhibits so that visitor experiences will keep changing.

A state-of-the-art planetarium will feature a variety of shows and presentations for the viewers of all ages. Seating will be arranged on a 23.5-degree tilt to match the Earth’s tilt and distributed so that all viewers enjoy good views.

The telescope control center will give astronomers the ability to operate many of our telescopes from the site and remotely, and enable the sharing real-time observation of celestial objects with students and researchers around the world.

Private and public stargazing will continue at the existing roll-off roof observatory with permanently mounted telescopes, including the historic Everest telescope.

Utilizing regional materials and details of Adirondack character, the future AstroScience Center will pay homage to the wild Adirondacks, reinforce community culture, and provide durable beauty. Economical in its construction and operations, the building will be designed for LEED certification, with consideration given to geothermal heating and cooling, photovoltaics, low-impact storm-water management, and other sustainable strategies.

The Research Telescope building will help the Adirondack Sky Center to provide the public with access to a research quality telescope. This telescope offers optical and performance qualities that let viewers share in the wonders of the heavens with image sharpness and tracking acuity only possible such a refined instrument.

In addition, this 24” telescope will contribute to scientific discovery by offering remote as well as on-site robotic capabilities; many new discoveries (comets and asteroids, for example) are made by the amateur astronomers who typically would not have access to such a tool.

See a video “fly-over” developed by Envision Architects, and a video of the planned site mapped out on the Observatory property in Tupper Lake, NY.

The Sky Center’s Board of Directors is launching a campaign that will enable us to establish a three-building permanent facility dedicated to space travel and the science of astronomy.

Download a PDF of the ASC Booklet Campaign for the Wilderness Above for more information, and please contact us if you would like more information or to be involved in this exciting venture!

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Adirondack Public Observatory Concept Design

"Continuing its work to enhance public engagement and advance the Astro-sciences, the Adirondack Public Observatory retained ENVISION to develop a design for its Astro-Science Center in Tupper Lake NY. Already a great location for star gazing, the Center will expand to provide exhibit space, classrooms, a planetarium and gift-shop, as well as a new research-grade telescope and dome.

The Center will integrate its program with the Wild Center and area schools, colleges and universities. The facility will contribute to scientific discovery, and invite the public and students to explore the history, present and future of Astro-Sciences thru hands-on activity, exhibits, special programs, lectures and seminars..." - Envision Architects (Learn More)

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