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Astro Quiz 11: Moons with atmosphere?

Question #11 – Do any of the moons in our Solar System have an atmosphere?

Answer: Scientists have detected atmospheres on at least four moons in our Solar System so far. Saturn’s moon Titan, Neptune’s moon Triton, and two of Jupiter’s moons, Io and Callisto. Titan, however, is the only moon with a substantial atmosphere.

For more information about moons with atmospheres, please read this article from the Planetary Society.

Bonus Information: Monday, January 14 is the 14th anniversary of the Huygens spacecraft landing on Titan! See photos at the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

There are four moons in the solar system that are known to have collisional atmospheres.
In order of decreasing atmospheric column density, they are: Saturn's Titan, Neptune's Triton, and Jupiter's Io and Callisto.
Image credit: NASA / JPL / SSI / Ted Stryk / Jason Perry / Emily Lakdawalla

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