Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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The Corona Virus and the Adirondack Sky Center

All of us at the ASC are very aware of the serious situation we are all in because of this dangerous virus. We know schools are closed and children are home. In a small effort to help entertain home bound students, we have printed some fun activities and games on paper sheets. These will be available just outside the office door located at 36 High Street in Tupper Lake. Of course these are free. If children enjoy these activities, we will be happy to print new activity sheets when these are gone.

Please note that all our indoor activities in the classroom have been suspended until further notice. Stargazing information will be sent out at a future date.

We all look forward to this summer when we are back at the observatory viewing the stars and planets through our telescopes… a time when we all expect that bug spray will be more important than sanitizing wipes and the word "Corona" will only be mentioned in classes about the parts of our Sun. 

Stargaze With Us!