Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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The Cygnus Series of Live Virtual Lectures Begins!

The Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory presents the Cygnus Series of Live Virtual Lectures from July through September. Our first lecture is "A Virtual Tour Around The Summer Triangle", presented by St. Lawrence University astronomer and ASC board member Jeffrey Miller, on Friday, July 31 2020 at 7:00 pm.

The Summer Triangle is marked in the sky by a bright star in each of the three constellations: Cygnus, the Swan; Aquila, the Eagle; and Lyra, the Harp.

Each constellation contains beautiful and mysterious objects: colorful stars, the remains of an exploded star, a black hole. We'll learn about the Greek mythology behind these constellations. As a bonus, we'll find the current location of Comet NEOWISE.

Registration is required, which can be found on this Event Page.

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