Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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Recent Events - 2018

The APO has hosted these events so far this year. Check our upcoming Events page to see what else is happening in the upcoming months!

Lecture: Dr. Valerie Rapson – "We Love Pluto!"

The New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto and its moons in 2015. What have we learned about this mysterious, cold world? Join Dr. Valerie Rapson to learn about the latest discoveries. Free and open to the public.

Friday, June 15 at 7:00 pm at Tupper Lake High School, 25 Chaney Avenue, Tupper Lake (map)

Dr. Valerie Rapson is the Outreach Astronomer at the Dudley Observatory

Lecture: Gib Brown

Event: Open House

The Adirondack Public Observatory is growing AND changing its name to Adirondack Sky Center! Come see what the AstroScience Center museum and planetarium will look like.

Free popcorn and lemonade, and great music! Come celebrate our "Dark Skies"!

Friday, August 10, 3:00 - 5:00 pm, 178 Big Wolf Road, Tupper Lake, NY (map)

(Read the press release for more details!)


Lecture: Jeffrey Miller – "The Perseid Meteor Shower: The Tears of Saint Lawrence"

The Perseid meteor shower peaks in mid-August every year, and is usually the best display of numerous meteors. What is a meteor, and what causes these periodic showers to occur every year? And what does this all have to do with Saint Lawrence? Join St. Lawrence University astronomer Jeffrey Miller to learn everything you wanted to know about meteor showers. Free and open to the public.

Friday, August 10, 7:00 pm at Tupper Lake High School, 25 Chaney Avenue, Tupper Lake (map).

Jeffrey Miller is an astronomer at St. Lawrence University, Canton NY, and a trustee of the Adirondack Public Observatory.

Workshop: Tim Connolly

Event: Fourth Annual Astrophotography Conference

An opportunity to meet, trade secrets and perform astrophotography under the darkest skies in the Eastern USA.

Who should attend?

Simply put: Everyone. Very few astrophotographers, regardless of their level, have access to dark skies. We invite you to take advantage of our location to capture images at your own level. Avoid light pollution with us. Come with your own equipment or use ours to shine with your best images.

The registration fee for the four-day Astrophotography Conference 2018 is $150.00 per participant, with a 10% discount for APO Members.

Events will occur from October 11 - 14, and will be held at the Roll Off Roof Observatory (178 Big Wolf Rd., Tupper Lake).


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