Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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Sign Up For Our Astrophotography Workshop Today!
The APO will host an Astrophotography Workshop from Thursday, October 19 to Saturday, October 21, 2017. This is an opportunity to meet, trade secrets and perform astrophotography under the darkest skies in the Eastern USA.

Who should attend?

Simply put: Everyone. Very few astrophotographers, regardless of their level, have access to dark skies. We invite you to take advantage of our location to capture images at your own level. Avoid light pollution with us. Come with your own equipment or use ours to shine with your best images.

The registration fee for the four-day Astrophotography Workshop 2017 is $120.00 per participant, with a 10% discount for APO Members. More information and online registration can be found on the Astrophotography Workshop 2017 page. The photos below were taken by Ernie Rossi, one of the instructors at the workshop.

  Astrophotography Workshop 2017  

Europa transiting Jupiter
16 April, 2017

Europa transiting Jupiter
with Great Red Spot, 16 April, 2017
Europa transiting Jupiter
16 April, 2017
M13, by Ernie Rossi
M13, Hercules Globular Cluster
26 May, 2017
NGC 6946 - the Fireworks Galaxy, by Ernie Rossi
NGC6946 - the Fireworks Galaxy
23 July, 2017
Saturn, by Ernie Rossi
5 July, 2017


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