Adirondack Sky Center
Tupper Lake, New York
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We Have Our Winners!

Kids in Space:
Young Artists Contest

The art contest was quite successful and thank you to all our participants. There were so many wonderful entries that made judging quite difficult. We had five judges from Tupper Arts and the Adirondack Sky Center judge the contest based on both artistic ability, creativity and scientific accuracy.

The winning entries are listed below. There were many entries that received honorable mention and we will be reaching out to them in the near future.

It has been great to see such enthusiasm and energy from the young artists inspired by the night sky and universe. All entries to the contest can be viewed on our Young Artist gallery page.

1st Place -  Anna, age 11: Neptune Painting on Canvas

2nd Place - Will, age 8: Our solar system as it is today

The things after Neptune are three dwarf planets: Sedna, Pluto, and Haumea. I've only shown Jupiter's Galilean moons and Saturn's Titan. The blue thing above Venus is a comet. I have drawn solar flares and sun spots on the sun. I've also drawn the Trojan asteroids. And I drew Mars orange because it showed that in the book that I used to draw these planets.

3rd Place  - Easton, age 6: Saturn

Easton used Water Color pencils, outlined the planet with marker and crayons for the stars. A round basket was used to make Saturn's circular shape. Saturn is Easton’s favorite planet in the solar system because of its rings.




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