Safety First: Never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection, such as certified solar eclipse glasses or a solar viewer. Protect your eyes at all times, except during the brief period of totality.

Plan Ahead: Check the date and time of the eclipse for Tupper Lake. Totality only lasts a few minutes, so plan your trip and activities accordingly.

Weather Check: Monitor the weather forecast for the eclipse day. There will be a number of activities for visitors to Tupper Lake if the weather is poor.

Travel Early:  Arrive to Tupper Lake early to avoid traffic and ensure you have enough time to set up and get comfortable.

Supplies: Bring essentials such as water, food, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing.  

Seating: Bring along folding chairs or blankets to sit on while waiting for the spactacular event to begin.

Eclipse Glasses: The Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory has more than enough eclipse glasses for sale on, and before April 8th.

Camera: If you plan to take photos, make sure you have the necessary equipment and practice in advance. Protect your camera sensor with a solar filter.

Location Research: Keep tabs on all the activities the community of Tupper Lake has planned.  Be sure to decide in advance which would be of most interest to you.

Respect Local Laws: Safety is a priority for Totality In Tupper.  Follow the directions of law enforcement and emergency services.

Embrace the Moment: During totality, put down your camera and experience the eclipse with your own eyes. It’s a breathtaking and unique natural phenomenon that you will remember for a lifetime.