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Total Solar Eclipse in Tupper Lake in 2399

Tupper Lake, NY is in the heart of totality for the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse with a whopping 3 minutes and 33 seconds of totality. It is “Eclipse Central” for those wanting to experience a festival-like environment before, during, and after the eclipse.

The Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory has numerous family oriented activities planned, and has partnered with the entire community to provide a fun, informative, engaging, and safe experience for all visitors. An 18-foot (5.5-meter) mega-screen will provide NASA's live feed as the eclipse crosses the country from Mexico to Canada, as well as numerous multimedia experiences throughout the weekend. Music, food, and entertainment will be provided for this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

All events and activities hosted by the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory at the L.P. Quinn campus are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise directly support the free public events during Totality in Tupper.

The April 8, 2024 eclipse is a highly anticipated celestial event that will be visible across North America. This total solar eclipse will begin in Mexico and move northeastward, passing over the United States and Canada before exiting into the Atlantic Ocean. Tupper Lake is in the path of totality where the eclipse will last for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Visitors to Tupper Lake will witness a stunning display of the Sun's corona and the sudden darkness that accompanies totality. This rare phenomenon is expected to draw thousands of visitors and eclipse enthusiasts to Tupper Lake, and the Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory began its planning years ago. 

Preparing for a total solar eclipse requires a coordinated effort from the entire community. The Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory has taken the lead on bringing multiple resources together for the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Tupper Lake—Totality in Tupper. A committee including representatives from the Village, Town, Library, Schools, Arts Center, and The Wild Center have been working together to plan town-wide events surrounding the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. All partners are working to provide a safe, educational, and fun experience for the community and visitors with diverse interests. 

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