All events and activities hosted by the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory at the L.P. Quinn campus are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise directly support the free public events during Totality in Tupper.

The April 8th Total Solar Eclipse provides an opportunity to gather scientific data for NASA and other organizations.  The Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory is setting up a variety of opportunities for visitors to participate in the data collection process.  Below are the projects currently being considered.

GLOBE Observer: Eclipse

GLOBE Eclipse is a temporary tool in the GLOBE Observer app (details about downloading the app) that will help you document air temperature and clouds during an eclipse. The tool is not visible in the app on a regular basis, but is only opened up when a solar eclipse is happening somewhere in the world. The Eclipse tool will prompt you to take air temperature measurements using a meteorological thermometer, as well as taking regular observations of sky conditions using the Clouds tool, and an observation with the Land Cover tool to characterize the vegetation near the data collection site. 

Apollo Field - Citizen Science Area A

Register for Free in Advance to Participate - SciStarter

Project Website

HamSCI:  Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science (FoEIS)

HamSCI was started by ham-scientists who study upper atmospheric and space physics. These scientists recognized that projects such as the Reverse Beacon Network, WSPRNet, PSKReporter, DX Cluster, ClubLog, and more are generating big data sets that could provide useful observations of the Earth's ionosphere and related systems. Because of this, HamSCI's initial focus is on these fields of research. In the future, other researchers may join HamSCI and broaden its scope. For scientists, working with the amateur radio community is a way to access individually managed stations, available by the hundreds in dozens of countries, with receive and transmit capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum, easily identified in areas of interest and deployed to remote locations, for free. You can read more about the utility of amateur radio as a teaching tool in An Eos article. 

Roll Off Roof Observatory - 178 Big Wolf Road

Project Website

Citizen CATE 2024

Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse 2024 Experiment

This project will help scientists learn more about the structure and physics of the magnetic field and plasma in the solar corona. With this data, we hope to understand how the magnetic field evolves, connects different parts of the corona, and how it is responsible for heating the corona to millions of degrees (much hotter than the surface of the sun!) and giving rise to the solar wind.

Project Website