All events and activities hosted by the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory at the L.P. Quinn campus are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise directly support the free public events during Totality in Tupper.

Sunday, April 7

Apollo Field - Stage

2:00 - 3:00

Join poets Esthela Calderón, Karyn Crispo, Rebecca Pelky, and Steven F. White as they explore the less scientific and more spiritual and mystical side of a total solar eclipse. You’ll experience the beauty and energy of the Adirondacks, bilingual poems born of a Nicaraguan poet, traditions of the Brothertown Indian Nation of Wisconsin, and poems and translations that will make you contemplate your own relation with the natural world. Calderón’s visual art will also be on display.

NASA Live Eclipse Livestream

18-Foot (5.5 Meter) 

Digital Media Screen


All Ages

Apollo Field

The NASA livestream of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse promises to bring the awe-inspiring celestial event directly to you in Tupper Lake. With cutting-edge technology and expert commentary, viewers will be able to witness the entirety of the eclipse from the comfort of the Apollo Field. NASA's livestream will feature high-definition footage captured by spacecraft, aircraft, and ground-based observatories strategically positioned along the path of totality. In addition to providing stunning visuals of the eclipse itself, the livestream will offer insightful commentary from NASA scientists and astronomers, who will delve into the science behind solar eclipses, discuss ongoing research efforts, and answer questions from viewers in real-time.