“I came into the conference not knowing what to expect or what I’d get out of it, but I quickly found that the friendly staff and instructors only had one job there, to use their expertise and experience to educate me and everyone else to take the most stunning images of the universe we could. I’d say it was worth every penny and mile driven.”

“I just want to say that attending the conference is a game changer for me. It has rekindled my interest in the hobby. I am blown away by how well we all worked together to bring everyone up a level or two.”

“The mix of classroom training combined with one-on-one imaging experiences under the dark skies of the Adirondack's is unique. The fact that there are sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced students is a terrific model. Great job, I'm looking forward to next time.”


Each year the conference is designed specifically for the registrants.  Here are the program guides for the two most recent conferences.